Charities and Organizations

At Pocket Compass Media, we’re always looking for ways to give back to our community. We consider it our responsibility to support the economy, protect the environment, help those less fortunate, and operate with a sustainable and responsible philosophy.

Below are just a few of the charities we support

Bright Hope
This charity benefits the most impoverished members of society through holistic, church-based support. Bright Hope provides much-needed assistance in healthcare, education, childcare, crisis response, spiritual leadership, and more. Pocket Compass Media is proud to partner with this organization to help the abject poor overcome daily obstacles.


Fisher House
This aid organization is designed to support America’s military and their families by providing monetary and humanitarian assistance to supplement government benefits. A portion of our revenue helps to subsidize the efforts of the Fisher House.


Great Chicago Food Depository
Pocket Compass Media supports the efforts of the Great Chicago Food Depository, the city’s primary food bank. This non-profit organization distributes food to needy residents through a network of soup kitchens and homeless shelters, while working to fight hunger in the local community.



Show Hope
This ministry works to improve the lives of orphans by providing food, shelter, companionship, education, and spiritual guidance to children around the world.  They also provide grants to help more children find their way in to forever families.  We’re proud to be a supporter of this worthy organization.