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While companies used to battle over the “#1 spot” on Google and other search engines, that race for top placement has become something of a myth. Today’s search engine rankings are very personalized, based on such individual factors as geographic location and search history. Today’s businesses want more than just high rankings—they’re looking for effective Internet marketing strategies that generate leads and boost revenue.

At Pocket Compass Media, we use a business-focused and goal-oriented approach to SEO.  We’ll start by researching your industry and target demographic to build a profile of your ideal buyer. Next, we’ll optimize your content to ensure that your brand is visible everywhere they look – in search engines, advertising spots, and social media venues, to name a few.

We’ll feed relevant content to bloggers to generate a buzz for your business, and also connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn. In the best-case scenario, when someone in your demographic does a Google search, sees an ad, or follows a link, they read your message and are exposed to your brand. Our goal is not only to increase your page visits, but to boost conversions. We are in business to bring you more business.

Our search engine optimization service includes:

• Competitive analysis
• Website analysis
• Keyword research and analysis
• Search engine/directory submissions
• Sitemap creation
• Strategic SEO development
• Structural optimization
• Content strategy
• Link strategy and building
• Identifying and tracking analytical goals
• Targeting opportunities for new leads and revenue
• Monthly tracking and reporting of traffic and conversions

Ready to make your site more appealing and relevant to search engines—and consumers? Want your message to resonate with the buyers who are looking for your products and services?

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